Living on Less

Cooking Cook from Scratch - Get out your Grandma's recipes. Think like she used to think about cooking and shopping. Buy dry goods in bulk. Bake your own bread and cook meals using simple local ingredients. Use fewer packaged prepared foods. Look for a CSA program - Community Supported Agriculture - to buy a share of the vegetables for the season: In the North Georgia area, a great local CSA to get fresh local food from is Whitestone Farm located between Ellijay and Jasper: or call for more info 706.253.3775.
To Read Your Money or Your Life - by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. This book teaches you how to change the relationship you have with money and live well on less. This book helps you figure out how much is really enough - of money, stuff and time. It is about Voluntary Simplicity.
To Consider Home Sharing - cuts down on rent, utilities, and housework by dividing everything up and sharing. This includes moving extended family into the home or just sharing with friends or housemates. You may also choose to divide up your own home and rent part out. If you are moving your parents in with you, consider the resources and information at
Free Swap Clothes - share your clothes with others. Everybody brings clothes to trade with others. You can refresh your clothes for no money. Give the left overs to charity.
Entertainment Free Fun - There are may opportunities for free entertainment. You don't have to stay home just because you don't have extra cash. There are many events and festivities that cost you nothing to attend. Pack a lunch - you would have had to eat anyway - and head out to a local event. Staying closer to home saves on the fuel cost. Upcoming Events
Entertainment Free Fun - invite friends over to play games. Socializing is good for the mind, soul and pocket book. Everybody can bring an appetizer to share.
Entertainment Free Fun - Check out books, books on tapes and even DVDs from the library .
Planning No more debt - Pay cash for everything and you won't pay interest charges ever again, much less be a slave to monthly payments.
Discount - If you have to Pay cash for medical or dental services, ask for a discount for using cash.
Barter Trade - your time and services for goods or services from others.
Unemployment File Online - instead of waiting in-line. Go to the website to find unemployment programs and services by state:

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